Roberto Remes

Director of Ciudad Humana Mexico

Roberto Remes is director of Ciudad Humana Mexico, an NGO organization aimed to human cities, based on Colombia. He is the creator of the concept “Pedestrian King” or “Rey Peaton”. He is also consultant through the firm Remes Farill Ciudad, as founding partner. He has been director of public transportation at Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; adviser in Petroleos Mexicanos; general director of primary sector and natural resources at Secretary of Environmental Issues in Mexico; Mexico City representative of Mexican Environmental Protection Agency. He is the author of the books Andar en el Siglo XXI, Un proyecto Alternativo de Ciudad and Sombras cruzadas. He studied Political Science at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Campus Iztapalapa; Public Policy at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM); MBA at ITAM; and Ph. D. in Economy at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Remes is writter in the newspaper 24 Horas and member of the editorial council of the newspaper Reforma.