ctsEMBARQ – Mexico

Website: http://embarqmexico.org/

ctsEMBARQ Mexico is a Non-Governmental Organization which, funnels and supports the implementation of public projects and policies in the matters of mobility, public transport, urban development, climate change y air quality. It is part of the EMBARQ network with the mission of channeling sustainable mobility solutions to improve the quality of life of Mexicans.

CTS EMBARQ has had a key role in the ideation and development of the Metrobús (BRT system) in México D.F. and has actively taken part in the deployment of other BRT systems in other Mexican cities such as Guadalajara, León and Chihuahua. It has provided advise and assessment to more than 30 cities through the Massive Transport Programme of the National Infrastructure Trust Fund.

The organisation has also had a key role in the promotion of public policies such as the New Mobility Law in México D.F. The Urban Reform that encourages a new cities´model for México. The inclusion of the Transport Subject in the General Law for Climate change and the Norm of Vehicle Efficiency.

Since 2003, CTS México has increased its team from 5 to 45 permanent professionals, has multiplies its budget by 10 time, has attracted national and international talent and has evolved from a local programme to a national non-for-profit organisation.