Bernardo Baranda

Latin America Director of ITDP

Master in Engineering and Sciences, Bernardo Baranda Sepúlveda is the current Director of The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy in México for Latina América. The ITDP is a non-for-profit organisation founded in 1985 in the city of New York focused on promoting the sustainable and egalitarian Transport globally. Currently the ITDP develops several projects in many cities in the 4 continents. In México, ITDP works with the 3 Governmental layers developing projects to improve the quality of life and sustainability of the cities by supporting Public Transport Networks, Pedestrian´s and Cyclist´s infrastructure as well as initiatives to discourage the citizens from using the private car and revitalise the public space.

He graduated in Science as Civil Engineer by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Followed by a Master in Administration and Implementation of Development Projects by the UMIST in Manchester, England. And he also post-graduated as Master in Transport Engineering by the Technical University of Delf, Holland. Since 2003 he has advised governments in subjects of urban mobility and promotion of sustainable transportation means. He has published several articles, conferences and interviews on the matter in México and around the world.