Berlin – 21st Nov, 2014


Alper Çuğun

Principal at Hubbub, Board Member of Hack De Overheid

Board member of the Open State Foundation (Hack de Overheid) in Netherlands, Alper Çuğun is an engineer, designer and publicist who strongly advocates for setting open data on the Dutch and European political agenda and to that end he is a regular conference speaker on topics like data openness and the Quantified Self movement.

Carina Lopes

Partner At Citymart

With heavy knowledge on the use of data and intercommunication between different modes of infrastructure across cities, Carina Lopes is a specialist on Urban and information technologies and a partner at Citymart.

Pieter Colpaert

Co-founder of OKF Belgium

Innovator and researcher on Linked Open Transport Data, Pieter Colpaert co-founded the Open Knowledge Foundation chapter in Belgium where he is community coordinator of its Open Transport Working Group.

Silvan Rath

Founder & Ceo Of Parktag

Silvan C. Rath is the Founder and CEO of ParkTAG, a crowdsourcing app that is revolutionizing the urban mobility sector by avoiding the waste of time of looking around for a parking space and therefore, helping reduce the urban traffic. Before founding ParkTAG, he was Head of Channel Partner Programme and Director Enterprise Clients at

Stefan Kellner

CTO of Door2Door

"Improving the internet” is Stefan Kellner drive, CEO and Founder of 7 Moments UG, a photo-sharing website as well as Founder of the now Nokia incorporated Plazes AG, a geosocial networking site, he is an advocate for Internet & Mobile Technology, passionate about Lean Startups and Digital Strategy and currently CTO @ Door2Door.

Peter Preuss

Innovation Owner Urban Mobility at Nokia Here

As Innovation Expert on Urban Mobility for Nokia HERE, Germany, Peter Preuss leads the Urban Mobility Initiative and has been central to the building and development of ecosystems for next generation mobile applications, services and technologies.

Alexander Pilz

Head of Passenger Information at VBB

Alexander Pilz is the Head of Passenger Information at VBB (Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg). VBB was the very first public transportation authority in Germany to open their data and to provide third parties with an API. They’re also part of the OpenData Initiative.

Nicolas Zimmer

Chairman of the Technology Foundation Berlin

Nicolas Zimmer is a lawyer and innovation policy strategist. Former State Secretary in the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research, he advocates for openness through the legal and engineerial lens and background. He has developed his own start-up to make eBooks simple and easy for everybody.

Maxim Nohroudi

CEO of Door2Door

Founder of Waymate and Door2Door, Maxim Nohroudi is a visionary on the field of innovation technology in general and the transportation, navigation, mobility, and climate change in particular. With heavy knowledge of e-commerce he balances Door2Door as a civic startup and as a business model to advocate for making cities smarter.

Mathias Reddmann

Policy and Project Officer, European Commission

Firm advocate for the advance of solutions in the field of Smart Cities, Mathias Reddmann is Policy and Project Officer in the Unit Smart Cities and Sustainability of DG Connect of the European Commission. He works on the European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities which aims at sharing of knowledge and best practices at the interface of energy, transport and information and communication technologies.

Julia Kloiber

Project Manager for the OKF Germany

Julia Kloiber is the Project Manager for the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. Her main focus is on projects like Stadt Land Code, Apps and the City and Energy Hack, in the areas of open data and civic apps. She is also currently working on a fellowship program in cooperation with Code for America and Code for All Germany.

Jarmo Eskelinen

CEO of Forum Virium, President of Enoll

Expert in digital content, smart cities and user driven design, Jarmo Eskelinen is devoted to Open Data and as such, leads the Forum Virium and presides the European Network of Living Labs.

Christian Freese

Principal at Roland Berger

As Principal of the Transportation Competence Center @ The Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Christian Freese works with clients from the public transportation sector throughout Europe and specializes in strategic issues related to innovative mobility solutions. He is a passionate entrepreneurial strategist and advocates for innovative business models, proven result-orientation and hands-on implementation.


1) Learning from Berlin & Brussels on open data: What’s in it for a city?

As cities differ from one another, so does their status in opening the available data. By calling together specialists of several fields from each of these pioneer smart cities, the panel plans to share their experience, discuss the possibilities of the data usage, and collect knowledge of what can a city learn from another.

Moderator: Nicolas Zimmer

Panelists:Pieter Colpaert; Julia Kloiber; Alexander Pilz

2) Heading towards civic innovation & citizen engagement

More than half of world’s population is now living in urban areas. Cities are changing on an everyday basis and the necessity of civic innovation became a primacy. What’s the role of policy makers, public authorities & technology in the innovation process and how can we actively engage the citizens?

Moderator: Alper Çugun

Panelists: Jarmo Eskelinen; Stefan Kellner; Carina Lopes; Mathias Reddmann

3) How does technology change the way we move in the city? What new business models will emerge in the urban mobility sector?

The urban mobility sector has been rapidly changing, being driven by the growing recognition that cars, once a symbol of freedom and ease of mobility, have become a victim of their own success. A rising trend of car-sharing & bike- sharing, transit apps and other technology driven companies operating in this sector only proves the change. How can software technology make getting around the city more sustainable, easier and efficient? Can we rely on technology to solve our urban mobility problems in a near future? What new business models will emerge?

Moderator: Christian Freese

Panelists: Maxim Nohroudi; Peter Preuss; Silvan Rath