08:30 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 09:10 Welcome and Event Presentation

09:10 – 11:10 — 1) Public Transport under the Smart Cities perspective

How does Public Transport looks like in Smart Cities and what are we doing to accomplish the vision?

Many ideas intertwine in the development of Smart Cities, such ideas include Open Data, Civic Innovation, Technology and more recently the Internet of Things. When it comes to Public Transport we find many others such as Transport Oriented Development, Transport Demand Management, Urban Planning and Design towards Gender, Mobility Observatories and more. And in this panel we would like to explore how we can conjoin both fields towards the creation of Smart Mobility.

Moderator:Roberto Remes – Director of Ciudad Humana Mexico


º Adriana Lobo – Executive Direction CTS EMBARQ Mexico

º José Ramón Hernández Rodríguez – Executive and Investigation Coordinator of OTMM

º Jody Pollock – Senior Project coordinator of IDEA Foundation

º Bernardo Baranda – Latin America Director of ITDP

11:10 – 11:25 Coffee Break

11:30 – 13:30 — 2) Urban Mobility through the lense of Civic Innovation

How can Civic Innovation challenge the Status Quo and become the new paradigm?

Through decades, the idea of a private vehicle has been the symbol of high status and the guarantee of “having achieved” a better life, but today we defy that belief. The personal car was innovative in its own time but in our era of the Internet of things and better yet of Civic Innovation, symbols are questioned and guarantees are put to a test. In this panel we would like to explore ways through which Civic Innovation will substitute the paradigm and in constant motion ideate new ones.

Moderator: Jorge Cañez – Coordinator of Shared City for Laboratorio para la Ciudad


º Alberto Padilla – General Director of BlaBlaCar Mexico

º Abel Lopez Dodero – Urban Transport Specialist at World Bank

º Iván De la Lanza Gámiz – Design, Culture and Bicycle Infrastructure Director of SEDEMA – CDMX

º Isabel Flores – Latin America Expansion Analyst and Manager for Door2Door

13:30 – 13:45 Coffee Break

13:50 – 15:50 — 3) Community is the Motor

Why everything starts and ends in the People and how are we boosting the cycle?

Endless connections unite us online and offline, proving how much we are not “an island just by ourselves.” However we have come to believe that the different entities we give shape are different from us, turning them into givers and us into receptors. Nothing farther from the truth. All entity is created by us hence whatever comes from it is for us and by us. We generate needs and solutions and in this era of networking and connectivity we crowdsource, crowdfund, crowdtest, crowdconnect… crowd-everything! This panel wants to explore how the power of the crowd is the soul-motor of Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.

Moderator: Juan Manuel Casanueva – Founding Executive Director at SocialTIC


º Oscar Montiel – Open Innovation and Communities lead at Codeando México

º Octaviano Cerna Alonso – OSM México community moderator

º Angela Ursic Bedoya – Chief of International Development of Makesense

º Marina González – CEO PIDES

15:50 – 16:20 Lunch

4) Showcase

Talking about the great results that come out from Collaboration:

16:25 – 16:40 — I – Door2Door + Mesa Colaborativa Grupo Mapatón = The Digital Map

Speaker: Humberto Fuentes Pananá – Director of Open Government for the Laboratório para la Ciudad

Throughout hard work from SEMOVI the Microbus routes were tracked little by little. A bit later the reinforcements arrived with Mesa Colaborativa Grupo Mapatón and Door2Door! The former to activate the community and put in motion the power of the crowd to finish tracking the routes with the help of the latter. And here we will proudly present the result of good will, enthusiasm and idealism, the 1st step towards the change through knowledge and innovation: The Digital Map and ally app.

16:40 – 16:55 — II – Door2Door + & Safer Taxi + Unidad de Ciudades Inteligentes = #Muevetesmart

Speaker: Maxim Nohroudi – Co-founder & CEO of Door2Door

The thriving Startup scene in Santiago de Chile has given way to several initiatives from the Startups it encourages and supports. Two of such Startups who go the extra-mile are & Safer Taxi which, along with the strong support from the Smart Cities Unit from the Subsecretary of Transportation launched at the beginning of the year the campaign #Muevetesmart to challenge the habits, shift the paradigm and democratize mobility! ally has become the 3rd app in such campaign. And allyapp has made it possible to users thanks to the SCU to have in one app Colectivos and Formal Transport.

16:55 Networking