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Lab4CITY: México, D.F.

Shifting the PARADIGM (from Individual Private to Collective Public through Civic Innovation)


Going through the different initiatives set in motion in Latin American Cities towards reaching simply a “smarter way of living,” it is clear that Mobility and Transportation are key elements in accomplishing such a goal. There is still a long road to walk, full of discoveries, advancements but above all challenges to tackle and needs to address.

Some of those challenges and needs include sustainability, efficiency, security, accessibility and equality, everything thought for and by the people, hence it all starts and ends with them. From the people and a series of reactive actions from the governments, we are trapped in the circularity of habits and paradigms, the same ones that require, in this era or smart mobility, transport and living a complete shift from the establishment.

Lab 4 CITY was created on the belief of challenging and changing the Status Quo and this time will take our commitment further in México, D.F. where, just like in many other cities in Latin America, the status conviction of the private individual transport needs to be revised and changed from within towards a smart mobility through Public Collective transport as the new status quo. This is why we do this, because we want to help shift the paradigm from our field of work: mobility, transport, civic innovation and technology.


Several steps have been taken forward that have as well proven how beneficial a collaborative approach is, hence how we are planning to help boost the change: by bringing together civic innovators, visionaries, start up scenesters, technology pioneers, public transport authorities, policy makers and everyone involved in the whole process of challenging the habits and changing the culprit slant from private to public therefore turning not only the amazing titan that México D.F. is, but the many more imponent cities in Latin America into Smart Cities.


And so we will provide the place where the ideas converge, the success stories be heard, from the insights learn and the products showcase in the aim of making awareness of what is been done and “in doing” as well as participate in finding ways of collaboration and networking when we all are in pursue of the same goal.